Maxitone at Westfield

Last weekend I was invited down to Westfield to meet some super ace fitness babes from women’s supplement maker Maxitone. They launched Maxitone atWestfield (#maxiwestfield because we all love a hashtag), which is a pop-up Maxitone store, fitness studio and nutrition consultancy over in the main atrium at Shepherd’s Bush for the next two weeks. They’re there as part of their Thank You Protein project, which is all about celebrating female health and all the little goals you hit on a fitness journey, not just your one main goal. I went to check it out with my best friend and ultra nutrition babe Tatum.

Tatum and Me!

The pop-up is awesome – it is shiny and new and has awesome squidgy flooring that makes you give everyone electric shocks. It’s piled high with stocks of the Maxitone range and there’s a free flow of samples so that you can try before you buy. I tried. A LOT. Caramel Crunch bars are so good I feel bad eating them.

One problem I have with women’s supplements is that, generally speaking, supplement companies take a “pink it and shrink it” approach, covering products in pink coats and shrinking everything but the price. I will admit, this had been my first impression with Maxitone, until I had a look at the range and could see that Maxitone’s approach wasn’t quite that. Yes the tubs are smaller than their counterpart Maximuscle ones and yes, part of that is to appeal to women, but the idea is to help women see that protein supplementation isn’t just for (a) men, (b) the super fit, (c) overweight people looking for a slimfast type option, (d) bodybuilders (e) any other protein type stereotype you might care to conjure up. Protein supplementation is for all active women with a huge variety of goals. Protein supplementation isn’t just for women looking to lose weight – it’s for women who want to be healthy, get stronger, balance their blood sugars, get faster, heck, it’s for busy women who want to get a good level of protein and simply don’t have time to prepare eggs and chicken every day.

There’s a nutrition consultancy bar where you can speak to a clever man about your fitness goals. There’s two lines of products – Definity and Sculptress. Definity is a low carb, higher protein option for women looking to gain strength and tone in their muscles – a classic whey protein supplement that’s recently been revamped as “Definity Plus”. The revamp includes the addition of iron, vitamin C, magnesium (vitamins that active women frequently lack) and fibre. Sculptress is a meal replacement type shake with carbs and protein, which is designed to be used as a meal replacement but could also (in my opinion) be used as a post-exercise refuel. I personally believe that real food is always best for meals but also take the view each to their own – if meal replacements are your bag then this one comes with green tea and l-carnitine, both of which have been shown to aid weight management.

Each shake has a corresponding ‘bar’, the Definity bars being lower calorie whey crisp bars, and the Sculptress bars being higher calorie protein and carb bars, designed (like the shakes) as a meal replacement. I tried them all, in every flavour. No, I’m not joking. I am a sports nutrition fiend (some say marketing sucker, whatever) and love trying new supplements, and so getting to try the whole range is a bit like being a kid in a candy store.

UK Netball ladies and our LA Fitness trainer who went HARD

The Maxitone team have a great line-up down in Westfield including Volley Body and England Netball, who hold Back to Netball schemes all over the country encouraging people to get back in to the sport. I loved netball when I was younger and a recent game played with my work’s team re-ignited my love, so this is something I’ll definitely be looking in to once my marathon’s out the way! Shotgun Wing Attack. They have a full timetable of classes in their pop-up studio and your truly got dragged in to a bootcamp…in the middle of Westfield. Lunges, press-ups, the lot! Oh dear. I also met some lovely other gers, Carly Rowena – a youtube fitness ger and Stephanie, a beauty ger. Check out their Maxitone posts! But please close your sensory outlets when I pop up in Carly’s video.

Stephanie and Carly

The Maxitone team are down in Shepherd’s Bush until Thursday – go down and find out all about their new range, take a class, grab a few tasters, make a pledge, chat to their nutrition specialists or the UK Netball girls or the Volley Body girls…