March | 2012

I’m off to Berlin! The time has come and it’s time to face my A-Race, the Berlin Half. I am excited, nervous, happy and all those other cliche emotions ALL AT ONCE. I… Continue reading

It’s now less than a week until the Berlin Half – awesome Run Dem excursion of dreams and the A-Race of my season. I have been training hard and hope that a PB… Continue reading

Love this powerful shot of Nike Women athlete, Sofia Boutella.

The kit is growing on me. Definitely growing on me. First thoughts (only formed once I’d recovered from the sight of Chris Hoy’s thighs in the promo shot – woah there!) were pretty… Continue reading

Thought I’d share my current favourite core move with you because it’s AWESOME. I present to you… THE V-UP WITH MEDICINE BALL!!! This move is great because, although focused on your core, it… Continue reading

Like someone else has eaten mud and peanut butter, spat it out and put it in a packet. And charged you two quid for it. 

This week has been my first proper training week since Paris and it’s been a really mixed bag. Tuesday was a euphoric return to form with RunDemCrew. We ran four speedy miles down… Continue reading

Over the past few months I’ve been hearing endless good things about Frame Shoreditch. Frame is a dance, fitness and holistic studio in Shoreditch and they run a huge range of classes, from… Continue reading

Yesterday I got some rather gorgeous new running shoes – I am a little bit obsessed with them. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my new Undercover x Nike Gyakusou Zoom… Continue reading