Before being injured I never quite realised the impact that not being able to run has on you. Since hurting my knee in the London Marathon I’ve barely been able to run and… Continue reading

On Sunday I went over to Westfield to check out the new Kia installation, Ready to Roll, in honour of the brand new Kia Soul. You might have seen the advert – it’s… Continue reading

Reformers look like torture machines and I guess, in a way, they are. I think there’s a tendency to think that pilates is girly (and, by stereotypical definition, easy) but let me tell… Continue reading

A mile is a classic distance, but how many of us have actually raced it? Well, now is your chance. There’s still time to register for the absolutely 100% FREE Amba Hotels City… Continue reading

There were points when I genuinely thought I may die. There were points where I couldn’t stop laughing. I spent most of the day either terrified or euphoric and I cannot wait to… Continue reading

It has taken me a while to get my thoughts on the London Marathon in order and out in the open. I honestly thought it would be one of the best days of… Continue reading

First thing’s first, set the scene. Hit play on the above. Now carry on. BLOODY HELL I AM RUNNING THE LONDON MARATHON TOMORROW!! The mother flipping London marathon. Gahh I am so excited!… Continue reading

The guys over at Saucony are having an exciting week! Their new run clinics launched on Tuesday (and will be up and running on Monday and Friday next week too) and tonight they’re launching… Continue reading

The Tiffany finisher’s necklace at the Nike Women’s San Fran marathon is legendary in running circles. Mention of it is usually followed up by either “Totally worth running a marathon for” or “I… Continue reading

Gorgeous Lissy from Lissy Runs went to check out an awesome yoga workshop with Simplyhealth last weekend. The workshop was focussed on back pain prevention and it turns out Simply Health have a… Continue reading