There’s a brand new women’s sportswear collection on the market and it is pretty damn special. Lexie is the brainchild of Lily Rice, a (first class!) graduate of the Performance Sportswear Design BA at Central Saint Martins and successful entrepreneur from the BBC’s Be Your Own Boss, on which she secured investment from Innocent’s Richard Reed and went to be named one of Future’s 50 top young entrepreneurs. All in all pretty impressive and the clothes aren’t half bad either.

The Icon collection is a limited run of four pieces, defined by a palette of black, grey and marl and inspired by the Art Deco period and the female form. The pieces have ergonomically designed waistbands and are cut in longer lengths to ensure top performance for female athletes and the angular panelling and sharp cuts are super flattering for female figures. I love the vibe of the whole collection – it’s cool, stylish, flattering and high performance. The collection is designed to blend with your every day wardrobe and I would definitely wear all of the pieces on rest days.

Love mesh and glitter panels – too cool.

The Veronica shorts have angular glitter panels that will definitely propel you to a PB (NB: I don’t think there’s a Lexie guarantee for this) and the Grace leggings and Clara tee both have mesh panels to keep you cool (in both senses of the word). My favourite piece though is the Gloria hoodie – I love the different panels, the reflective tape and the prominent Lexie logo and know I would live in it. If I wasn’t moving to a desert I’d snap it up in a heartbeat, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll find much use for it for a while!

The Gloria hoodie in all it’s glory. I’ll take Lianna’s legs too please.

I managed to get a quick exclusive interview in with Lexie founder Lily Rice – turns out she knows her stuff and is a pretty cool dude too.

What’s the inspiration behind the icon collection?

The Icon Collection is designed to fit into your existing wardrobe, not in a separate section or buried in your sports bag!

I looked into the birth of women’s sportswear, the Art Deco period and drew the angular (and very flattering) lines and panels from this.

I previously studied performance sportswear design and worked at Umbro on high level football kits, so I applied my performance knowledge to the designs so that although the clothes are beautiful and flattering, they also really work.

Why did you want to design sportswear for women?

I have always been sporting and have never felt that fashion and sportswear met, it’s been proven time and time again that women miss out on learning many vital skills by not participating in sport and the number one factor women state for not participating is that they feel uncomfortable and unattractive in sportswear. I just thought that there was massive scope for creativity and the opportunity to change something for the better. That’s partly why I really love our Lexie girls, they’re not perfect athletes, but really smart, talented women who enjoy sport in different ways. I hope they will inspire other women and girls.

Can’t wait for these beauties to join the collection

What’s are your favourite sports?

I used to be a really keen footballer as a youngster, to the point my Dad even became my team’s coach. I love the game but found with university it became difficult to commit to a team so took up running as I was able to fit it in whenever and I enjoy being outside and free! I completed my first half marathon last year and really loved it. I also enjoy boxing which I discovered through my husband but I’m not too patient and want to be alot better than I am!

Which women inspire you?

I often get asked who is the Lexie girl and I think she’s a feminist in the sense of a woman who believes she is equal to a man, has goals, whether those be sporting or not and who just generally has a bit of attitude and balls. Those are the womens that inspire me.

I hate to name particular women but I suppose if I was to narrow it down to current females I would say Karren Brady, Jacqueline Gold & Hillary Devey in business as well as Sara Blakely. I was recently really inspired by Thandie Newton’s TED talk and also by Sheryl Sandberg’s talk and book.

In sport there are so many under rated but phenomenal women, Julie Kitchen (14x women’s muay thai world champion) is a prime example as are her daughter Amber and Allyah Kitchen – they are fairly unheard of outside of the sport which is a disgrace.

Thank you to Lily for taking the time to answer my questions and for inviting me along to check out her debut collection! I predict big things for this new british brand. Lexie will be at Pop-up Britain (387 King’s Road) until September 4th and the Icon Collection is available to buy from Young British Designers. The pieces are really reasonably priced and guaranteed to be popular so I recommend you get in there soon! You can also keep up with Lexie on Twitter and Facebook.