Kick up the butt

Last night I ran the Standard Chartered City Race, a 5k through the square mile run in teams from companies, firms and organisations based in the City. I ran with a 65 strong team from my law firm and, at the time of signing up, had optimistically decided to try and beat my PB (22:50) and put myself in the 21 minute pen. LOL

There was congestion and bottle necking galore for the first 2km and after that I run out of excuses. It was hot, my stomach churned, my legs felt heavy and I just plain sucked. No idea on official time but it was high 25 minutes, which means it’s a solid 3 minutes slower than my PB. I know you can’t expect to PB in every race and the faster your times get the harder it becomes, but this was a pretty huge departure from my past performance. I felt heavy and slow and just didn’t feel like I had it in me to give it gasping-for-breath leg-burning all.

Nice medal though.

Given my recent performances in races (We Own the Night disappointment springs to mind) I think it’s time to face facts. I got slow. I’m not the runner I was before and to be honest it’s pretty damn depressing. Where is the girl who ran a 22:50 5k on a hilly course? Where is the girl who ran a 1:44 half with a 48 minute 10k split? Where is the girl who raced three half marathons in a month? The idea of running like that seems so alien to me at the moment and I feel so stuck.

Getting back to running fitness feels slow and painful and it’s so demoralising. Coming back from a run feeling slow and out of shape does little to motivate you to go again and it feels like an endless downward spiral of being shit.

Well, I’ve had enough. Time to get back on it. It’s tough with work to squeeze things in but I need to find a way to make it happen. I’m thinking run commutes (going to get organised with clothes, toiletries etc at work to lighten up my back pack) to pack the miles in and track session to get my speed back. The only way to get my mojo back is to make it happen for myself and stop avoiding it.

Do you have any tips for getting running fitness back?