July | 2011

Struggling to feel motivated? Begrudging your trainers? Thinking a coffee and a digestive sounds ideal? Get your fitness mojo back – music is so powerful, and this track never fails to make me… Continue reading

Like most of the world, I absolutely love peanut butter. As a child, my older sister (to put it in context, she’d have been about 6 and I’d have been about 4) encouraged… Continue reading

No doubt you will have heard about interval training. There’s also quite a strong possibility that you haven’t yet tried it out. Horrible nightmare images of you sprinting every 30 second, gasping for… Continue reading

Here’s one of my favourite breakfast recipes for the summer. It’s filling, low fat and actually tastes nice. It’s also very very versatile. The recipe I’ve listed is a personal favourite, which I’ve… Continue reading

More often than not, the changes needed to switch to a healthier way of life are small and barely noticeable. You’ll be familiar with the following; Take the stairs, not the lift. Eat… Continue reading

Today’s running track? Tiesto’s Adagio for Strings.   Dubious? Put it at the end of your running playlist, and then try not to pick up the pace for a sprint finish.   Resistance… Continue reading

Knee injuries are the most common affliction for runners. It’s the most complex joint in the body, and is very prone to injury following the stresses and strains of the miles we put… Continue reading

Roxy Adverts. Everytime I see one, I wish I was the beautiful, toned, carefree girl frolicking in the waves in a hibiscus bikini. Having grown up in a seaside town, I absolutely love… Continue reading

I’m a big fan of Bio-Synergy. I love their Skinny Water (the world’s first ‘functional water’, which contains active ingredients to boost metabolism and suppress sugar cravings, and all at just 2 calories… Continue reading

Top workout music pick for today? Night by Night – Chromeo.   If it doesn’t make you want to work out, I’ll eat my trainers. (I won’t, I’ll probably just feel sheepish).  … Continue reading