January | 2014

This tooty fruity sports bra from the new Lorna Jane collection. It’s got pineapples on! I need this. I don’t know how much it is. But I know that, whatever the price, it’ll… Continue reading

The start was a bit of a disaster to be honest. My alarm went off at 5am and I was instantly awake. I popped out of bed and went about making myself some… Continue reading

Tomorrow I am running the 2014 Dubai Marathon. To put it lightly, running out here kind of sucks. There’s no where to go so my ‘routes’ get repetitive, it’s hot even when it’s… Continue reading

My pals over at VitHit kindly sent me some of their fruity concoctions to try out! I got one of each of these flavours: Berry Boost Lean & Green Detox Citrus Revive They’re… Continue reading

Our pals at Standard Chartered have released the route for next week’s 2014 Dubai marathon… …and yes, that road is as straight as it looks. Something tells me they’re not runners? I personally… Continue reading

I ran a race and got two doughnuts. And a camel shaped medal. It was 100% rad and I wish I could do it every weekend. The Donut 10 is an annual race hosted… Continue reading

Our pals at Virgin Active had put together a sexy report on 2014’s bright young things of the fitness class world. The lovely Becs went to meet them and check out what all… Continue reading

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be all over new running gadgets and gizmos like nobodies business. But what if tracking just your running isn’t good enough? If you are a multi sport… Continue reading

I haven’t ged since my Nana died. I can’t begin to explain how hard I’ve been hit by her passing. It wasn’t entirely unexpected – she was an amazing 89 years old, had… Continue reading