January | 2013

I’ve been fannying about stressing about entering a marathon for about a year now. Can I fit the training in? Which one do I do? Do I even want to run that far?!… Continue reading

In a bid to turn myself in to a morning machine I’ve been taking earlybird classes at Shoreditch favourite Frame. Here’s a roundup of the classes I’ve tried so far, in case you… Continue reading

Personal trainers are ace. They provide guidance, expertise and motivation, all of which are essential to maintaining an enjoyable and worthwhile fitness routine. Finding the right trainer, however, can be difficult, and I… Continue reading

I am not a morning person. Never have been. You might catch me on a cheeky midnight sprint down Mile End Road and my old gym frequently used to have to kick me… Continue reading

You’re not doing it right.

Lost motivation can come out of boredom. Plodding the same route or pumping through the same body pump class can become tiresome and that’s when enthusiasm starts to wane. Continued motivation and enthusiasm… Continue reading

No-one wants to spend their entire life in the gym. If you do, you’re sad. The world is full of wonderful magical things to do. Exercise is one of them but it’s just… Continue reading

I like to get fit and er, look pretty. The latter is usually unsuccessful, but cool workout clothes help to put a shiny veneer on an otherwise short and sweaty mess. Bit like… Continue reading

Stalking Find a Race to fill up my race calendar is a classic new years task. On my most recent stalk I came across the Windsor Trail Half Marathon, a new race in… Continue reading

Running is great. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone regardless of age, gender, weight, size, favourite colour etc. because it’s fun, easy and the best anti-depressant never invented. However, I appreciate that… Continue reading