International Running Goodies

The best thing about running in a new country is discovering all the awesome running nutrition they have on offer that you don’t get at home. I am mourning the loss of Torq (my gel of choice) and think I’ll need to make a bulk order to be shipped over, but happily embracing some new products I’ve found!


I understand this is a Japanese drink but it’s freely available here and seriously cheap (AED 2.50 a can, which is about 42p). It’s an electrolyte drink with sugar and added salt. It is sweetened with natural fruit juice (good) but also corn syrup (bad) and tastes pretty salty.  Got rid of my dehydration headache (regular feature out here) a treat though!

Their website has a rad little book with lots of science-y information about dehydration, body composition and the role of electrolytes and salt in rehydration. If you’re a nerd like me it’s well worth a look.


We all know that the best running supplements are the ones that taste like sweets. Shot bloks anyone? So I was delighted to come across these little beauties – individually packaged little bits of cranberry and almond nougat! Quick and slow release sugars from dried cranberries, honey and glucose syrup, protein from egg whites and almonds as well as some healthy fats from the almonds too, they pack a well rounded nutritional punch that delivers sustained energy release.

Each little bar contains 85 calories, 15g of carbohydrate, 1.2g of protein and 2.6g of fat. They’re perfect little bite sized pieces for people like me who would like to eat as much ‘real’ food as possible but whose stomachs can’t manage a lot on the move! On my limited trial runs they’ve settled in my stomach well and I’ve noticed boosted and sustained energy – result! They’re also flipping DELICIOUS.

A little pack of 5 costs around AED 11 (about £1.85) which I think is a pretty good price. Looking forward to taking them on longer runs!

Have you ever been abroad and found running goodies you want to ship back by the trunk?