The results are in! I’ve been training with SIX3NINE for just over a month now and I am really enjoying the experience. It makes such a difference having someone to push you, tweak… Continue reading

In short, I have been absolutely loving training with Jen at SIX3NINE. In just a few weeks I feel stronger, my shoulder feels more secure and I feel as if my posture is… Continue reading

Last week I had my first session with Jen Peglar at SIX3NINE. I was really excited before my session – Danny had matched us as Jen has a good understanding of disordered eating… Continue reading

In case you hadn’t noticed me moaning about it perpetually, I have picked up some annoying horrible little bastard injuries in the past year or so. It started with breaking my elbow back… Continue reading

In less than four weeks I’ll be taking on my first ultra – 100km at Race to the Stones with the RTTS100 North Face team of ladies. How am I feeling? Hideously underprepared.… Continue reading

It has taken me a while to get my thoughts on the London Marathon in order and out in the open. I honestly thought it would be one of the best days of… Continue reading

So you know that fall I had before my tri? Turns out I fractured my elbow. And then completed the tri, with a fractured elbow. This has left me feeling pretty hardcore if… Continue reading

Knee injuries are the most common affliction for runners. It’s the most complex joint in the body, and is very prone to injury following the stresses and strains of the miles we put… Continue reading