In a squeeze

There are some new compression tights on the market, and they’re pretty cool! Skins have created the  K-Proprium tight*, a new compression tight with ‘laminar bands’; these are in-built bands in the tights that mimic the taping of kinesiology tape, providing extra support where you need it (e.g., around the knees). These laminar bands are meant to follow the muscles used most for running, jumping and rotating, to enable you to maintain effective movement and reduce the risk of injury when you get tired. Pretty technical for a pair of leggings. There’s a technical explanation over on their K-Proprium website.

I was really excited to be given the chance to test them out for a whole month or so ahead of their launch – I have been wearing them out running and in the gym, and overall I think they’re pretty great.

Compression tights generally make me feel like a ninja, and these are no exception – while wearing them I definitely felt more supported. I get knee pain on and off after my runs, but I haven’t had any after wearing these, which I think was a good sign but I can’t say definitively that this isn’t a coincidence! I also love that these have a wider waistband than normal compression leggings – all of mine have a thin waistband which digs in and is uncomfortable, and so I am pleased to have a more flattering and comfortable pair to wear!

On the downside, I have really short legs (27 inch inside leg) and these were too long for me; as a result, they’d bunch up around my knee and feel really uncomfortably tight where they were bunching up, like a really tight band around my knee. I reckon this problem is specific to people with super short legs though! They’re also pretty see-through (if you look hard enough you can see my thigh tattoo through the material!) but I think this is a universal issue with compression tights – I would love a fully opaque compression tight!

What do you think of compression wear? Would you try these new K-Pro tights?