Hopes & Fears

Tomorrow I am running the 2014 Dubai Marathon.

To put it lightly, running out here kind of sucks. There’s no where to go so my ‘routes’ get repetitive, it’s hot even when it’s ‘cold’ and the constant air-con is dehydrating. Training for the marathon has consisted of pounding round the same 3.5 mile loop of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard or 2.2 mile loop of Al Safa Park. Endlessly.

Adjusting to my body’s different needs during training has been tough and, to be honest, it hasn’t really been working out for me. I’ve never been able to take on much food or drink while running but it’s never been that much of an issue at home – I don’t sweat that much and have always found my own energy stores (mainly in my thighs I think) have seen me through tough times without too many gels. Out here it’s different – I am constantly dehydrated and so running in the heat is a disaster. I try and take on water and my whole body sloshes and swills with it, but if I don’t I get so dehydrated my tongue swells and I get delusional with fantasies about cans of coke and water slides. I also physically can’t get gels or nougats down and so usually bonk out between 16 and 18 miles. On several occasions I’ve had to bail on my long runs, unable to finish because I’ve hit the wall, got a migraine or come just that bit too close to shitting my pants.

So, tomorrow I am running a marathon with no tested nutrition strategy, no way of knowing if I’ll be able to take on any water but, most significantly, no passion. So, here are my hopes and fears for the marathon tomorrow…


  • I don’t shit my pants
  • I somehow manage to take on some sugar of some kind and don’t bonk
  • I don’t let Chloe down as a marathon pal
  • Chloe and I hit home in under 5 hours
  • It miraculously isn’t that hot


  • I shit my pants
  • I try and drink water and it sloshes and makes me sick
  • I try and take a gel and it sloshes and makes me sick
  • I have another weird episode of hyponatremia
  • I don’ t finish

Wish me luck pals!