Guest Report: Run to the Beat 10km

I’ve run the Nike Run to the Beat half marathon twice now and so was pretty surprised to hear that it had turned in to a 10km in Wembley! I couldn’t run it myself but luckily the lovely Sophie from This is Sophie’s could, and so I have this wonderful race report from her! It was her first ever 10km too. Read all about it!

When I started running a year ago I couldn’t even run the 2 mile journey home from work without walking and it annoyed me so much that I refused to accept it. I’ve spent the last year getting fit and working on my running to the point that I decided to sign up for my first 10k, having never run further than 5.5km. Big challenge…

The Training

I completed a 6 week training programme, you can read about part 1, part 2 and part 3 here. It went pretty well despite having a cold in the middle of it so I went into the race feeling really rather excited and well prepared, something that I’ve never had before going into a fitness challenge! 

The Race

Having slept like a baby the night before I woke up feeling fresh and excited. I scoffed some porridge made with oats, water, strawberries, flaxseed and chia seeds in the car on the way over to Wembley and tried to drink as much water as possible. 

The race village was bathed in sunshine and had a few food and drink stalls set up although most of it was just the bag drop. I ended up swapping my Run To The Beat t-shirt for an Allergy UK t-shirt to support Heron, who I was running with, and to make it easier for the boys (Simon and George) to spot us as we made our way round the course.

Heron and I made our way into our pen where we had quite a long wait with some very annoying Fitness First warm-up people. They would have been better on a cruise-ship rather than warming up runners…

Once we were walked down to the start line we were only waiting for 5 minutes before we hit the course which helped keep the nerves under control. After a quick good luck hug we were off. 

The first 3k flew by as we were shouted on by the boys at 1km and we found our pace. The first small hill came at 3k and we powered up it, skipping round all of the people who were walking and feeling pretty proud of ourselves. 

Pretty quickly we reached 5.5k where the real hills started. Between 5.5 and 7k there were a number of steady inclines and steep hills. We put our heads down, dug in and climbed those hills without walking. Looking at the splits, we didn’t even slow down too much! 

When we reached 8.5k (further than I’d ever run before) I hit the wall. Heron hit her stride and took off and while I tried to keep up for a bit, I lost her at around 9k.

The last 1k was one of the most difficult bits of running I’ve ever done. My arms and legs were like jelly, the sweat on my face had dried and become salty and the sun was very hot. 

When I turned the final corner the finish came into view along with the clock. It read 01.08.00. I’d been pacing myself to a 70 minute finish so I had only 2 minutes to make it round the next corner and down the hill. 

Cheered on by one final sighting of the boys I flew down the hill. stopping the clock at 01.09.02. Success!!

The Results

1st km: 06:53

2nd km: 06:18

3rd km: 06:47

4th km: 06:31

5th km: 06:51

6th km: 07:04

7th km: 06:54

8th km: 06:46

9th km: 06:51

10th km: 07:07

TOTAL TIME: 01:09:02

Now the real question… what next?! 

I’m definitely going to be signing up for the London Triathlon next year and I’m eyeing up a Spartan Race or two… Any thoughts on new fitness challenges for the next 6 months?