Green Tea Berry Cooler

One of my favourite new drinks for the summer! Green tea is full of anti-oxidants as well as being a proven fat burner and metabolism booster. It also has a small level of caffeine (24-40 mg per cup, as compared to blah 95-200 mg per cup of coffee) so it’s a good little pick me up. Despite these obvious benefits, I hate green tea. It tastes like hell and doom. So I came up with a new way to get my green tea intake that doesn’t make me want to be a bit sick.

I have a powdered green tea extract (from MyProtein, in case you were interested) that I throw in smoothies and breakfast shakes. I also make this yummy little cooler, which makes green tea disappear in to a refreshing summery berry flavoured delight. It’s really easy, really yummy and really healthy.

1 x green tea bag (or 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves)

1 x berry tea bag

Stevia or honey to taste

Brew these bad boys together until it’s as strong as you fancy and then chill. I either put this in a jug with a load of ice cubes, or put it in a metal water bottle (try Sigg!) and take it to work with me.

Another good water mix is taking cucumber, mint leaves and slices of lemon and lime and stewing them in a big 2 litre water bottle. I think of this as a big detoxing hug for your tummy and skin in a bottle. Dayve calls it my garden water, but he can go to hell.