Fuelling with Fuelify

Like a graze box for badasses. This is how I would describe Fuelify.

Fuelify is a subscription box service that delivers fitness nutrition and sports snacks to your door. Or desk, if that’s the life you lead. You choose the frequency, select your gender, tell Fuelify the way you train (you can choose from cardio training, weight training, high intensity circuits and muscle endurance) and they’ll do rest. Ta-daa, a shiny new box of treats delivered directly to you, tailored for your activities.

I was very kindly delivered a cardio training box to support my running and I was pretty happy when it arrived. A whole box of food, just for me! I liked the mix of food and hydration support, and was excited to try some of the things I hadn’t bought before. I liked the focus on recovery too – the box contained a Beet It Sport Bar and a CherryActive Concentrate sachet, both of which are designed to aid muscle recovery. A well rounded box indeed!

The Pulsin bar was really nice (a huge improvement on my previous Pulsin experience) and the Osmo hydration sachet was yummy! And who doesn’t love a little parcel of jelly beans?

You can choose from fortnightly (£8.99 per box), monthly (£9.99 per box) or one-off boxes (£11.99 per box), which is the same monthly price as Graze or even more of a bargain if you go for fortnightly deliveries. I like that you can have more frequent deliveries to suit your training and I love the idea of getting different snacks each time. I will usually go to Holland & Barrett (or similar establishment) once a week or fortnight and stock up on the same old nutrition, so it’s great to get to try new things. For example – the strawberry waffle from Honey Stinger. Who knew these delicious beauties existed?! Will definitely be keeping an eye out for these in the future.

Also – if you like the things in your box, Fuelify have a shop on their site where you can bulk buy products! Genius.

Thanks so much to Fuelify for sending me this box to try out – I’ll definitely be popping a subscription on my christmas list!