Free Training Diary Download

I think that one of the best ways to stick to your training is to write it down. This is for several reasons, including:

  1. having to fill in the diary reminds you to exercise and cover areas of your training you may ignore (ahem, stretching);
  2. you can monitor your progress; and
  3. looking back on your completed diaries motivates you to keep going.

With this in mind I have created my own template workout diary! I created it for my own use but then thought I can’t be the only one who’ll find it useful, so thought I’d pop it on the as a free download.

It covers CV and strength training as well as stretching, and includes a little place for you to write a weekly goal (e.g. run 30 miles, stretch every day, do at least two core sessions etc.) and a place for you to tot up your weekly mileage – a good way to keep a record if, like me, you like to run wild and free (by this I mean GPS-less) a lot of the time. The template covers a week so you can print them off and file them away!

If my attempt at tech wizardy has worked, the template can be downloaded through this link: Download Pretty Fit Training Diary. Enjoy!