Free Bionic

This week saw the launch of the new Nike women’s training shoe – the Free Bionic. I was invited by Nike to take part in a high intensity NTC class on rooftop in London Bridge with Nike master trainer Joslyn Thompson (aka mega babe of fitness dreams) to put the shoes through their paces.

First impressions: very pink but very comfy. Also come in a nuclear bionic green.

We met up on the Exchange rooftop next to the Shard (I love the Shard) and swapped our old kicks for a shiny new pair of bionics before being talked through their features. They have a low profile midsole for a barefoot effect, meant to enhance foot flexibility, strengthen the muscles in the feet and ankles and also promote stability and mobility during your workout. The uppers have wraparound fly wire threads to cradle the foot when the shoes are laced up, providing support around the arches. The sole is cut with multi-directional grooves to move with you in any direction during your workout, allowing you to be fully mobile and giving freedom of movement – this is a key difference for those who workout in running shoes, which will only support forward and backward motion. The mesh and foam upper is designed to keep feet cool and fresh.

We then made our way to the rooftop, just in time for the sky to blacken and the heavens to open. Unperturbed, we made our way through an hours high intensity class through wind and sporadic rain, tackling burpees, mountain climbers, a push-up pyramid exercise and a 5 minute squat. Shara, Charlotte and I only got through this torture by singing along to the music very, very loudly.

Not your average training studio…

I was impressed with the way the shoes held up to the workout and thought they were equally comfortable and supportive. They suited the dynamic, high intensity nature of the workout and I think they’d be perfect for cross fit. The class itself was also brilliant in a beautiful setting, and I’d recommend taking a class with master trainer Joslyn Thompson who was brilliant.

Thanks so much for having me Nike and for the beautiful new shoes – I can’t wait to hit the gym in them! The Free Bionics are available online and in store now.

New aim in life: bod like Joslyn Thompson’s