Frame So Far

In a bid to turn myself in to a morning machine I’ve been taking earlybird classes at Shoreditch favourite Frame. Here’s a roundup of the classes I’ve tried so far, in case you fancy moving your frame too.

Frame Camp

I went to a Frame Camp class taken by PT Mollie, who I’ve been following on twitter for a while – always nice to put a face to a name! The class starts with an interval session on the treadmill – you pick your base speed and work up from there, taking control on your own intervals following the guide on the treadmill (which specifies speed and incline increases). I thought this was a brilliant idea – it’s short enough to allow you to push yourself and hard enough to leave you ready to stop after just 13 minutes. There’s nothing like hill sprints to make you fall to your knees and beg for mercy. Mollie informed me that a base speed of 10-12 was ‘advanced’ so, in the belief that I was a runner and I should push myself for such a short session, I confidently plumped for 11. Let’s just say when the sprints got going I was hugely regretful and I would recommend a moderate approach to your base speed!

The second part of the session uses weights and the vibe plate in a continuous routine to work your whole body. The weights are light (2-3kg) but the reps are continuous and the burn is REAL. After 30 minutes I was exhausted. I loved this class – I left buzzing with endorphins and was suitably sore the next day. It’s a max class size of 4 too, which means its pretty much personal training. Recommended!


Vibe is another 30 minute class that, given it’s constant “Waitlist” status, I was looking forward to. The class consists of various exercises utilising the vibe plate, with the help from friends Mr Medicine Ball and Dr Dumbbells. Again, the max class size is 4 which means you get quality training. I was the only attendee not to have taken the class before and I got lots of help from the instructor Caroline.

Unfortunately Vibe didn’t really float my boat. After the adrenaline pumping interval blasting cardio resistance extravaganza that was Frame Camp, Vibe felt a little tame. There’s no cardio element and although plenty of the exercises made me burn I left feeling unsatisfied and like I needed to do another training session to get my fix. If you like a gentler approach to whole body toning then Vibe is great. If (like me) you like a totally bonkers approach to whole body blasting, Vibe probably isn’t for you.

Cardio Kettlebells

I am a massive fan of kettlebells – combing cardio and resistance training they give you a double workout in half the time and help you build serious strength. They’re also massive fun – swinging them and throwing them around is so great you nearly forget you’re working out. This class did not disappoint.

From the moment you walk in the music is LOUD and the music is GREAT. There’s a relentless warm up throughout which the mirrors are rippling from the speakers and you feel awake and alive despite the fact the moon is still out. You’re then taken through a serious of classic kettlebell exercises including over head swings, one armed swings, windmill, triangle and more. It’s mixed up with core work (on the mat and both with and without the bells) and finished off with a series of stretches. I was initially sceptical at being handed a 6kg kettlebell (I use a 12kg at home) but the intensity and duration of the class means that it’s probably sufficient. I’d love to try it with an 8kg though! I took the class with Jermaine Fyfield and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

I will admit that I am not generally a yoga fan – it’s a bit slow for my taste and I’ve never really found a teacher I connect with. I have, however, heard great things about Vinyasa flow yoga – it’s continuous and flowing and a bit more energetic than other types. Acknowledging I could do with a good stretch (running has ruined my once excellent flexibility!) I booked in for an hour with Naomi Costantino and was very pleasantly surprised. I am rubbish at yoga – I am not elegant or smooth and generally look like a child at their first gymnastics class rather than Gwyneth Paltrow – so I took my place at the back and went through the motions. At times it was hard to know what to do without looking around as Naomi referred to the poses by their ‘proper’ names but in the end I appreciated this as I came out a little bit more educated about yoga (Namaste, bitches).

The poses were a nice mix of challenging and relaxing and all were suitably stretchy and bendy. Naomi is good at reminding you about your breathing and by the end of the class I definitely felt calm, centred and ready to tackle my Monday. Surprisingly lovely and recommended as an antidote to tight running muscles like mine.

Have you tried any of these (or any other!) classes at Frame? What did you think?