Five Reasons to get a Personal Trainer

Before I started training with SIX3NINE I never really saw the value in personal trainers. I am motivated, I know my way around the gym – why would I need someone to boss me around? Since training with Jen I’ve completely changed my mind and can’t stop singing the praises of personal trainers! Here are my top five benefits for working with a personal trainer…

1. Motivation 

During every session Jen pushes me further than I can ever push myself. She celebrates my achievements and makes me want to get better. Having a trainer makes me believe I can get better and inspires me to do so. Jen is also in amazing shape and seriously strong, and I like to think that one day I might be as mighty as she is.

2. Safety

When I train with Jen I am continually trying new things and pushing myself. Whenever I learn something new Jen is there to monitor my technique, making sure I activate the right muscles and don’t hurt myself. She’s also there to spot me when I’m taking my weights up. I wouldn’t feel comfortable going for a PB with a back squat or bench press without a spotter and a qualified, knowledgable trainer is the best spotter you could hope for! I feel as if I can push myself further knowing that I am safe in doing so.

3. Accountability 

What was the first thing Jen did with me when I came back to SIX3NINE after Christmas? A body composition analysis. It was mortifying! I was really proud of my results before christmas and seeing my body composition analysis figures go up and the weights on the bar bell go down was a wee bit depressing. It definitely kicked me out of my christmas slump and knowing that I have someone else to monitor my progress has kept me on the straight and narrow.

4. Knowledge 

I always thought I knew my way around the gym. Then I met Jen. I have lost count of the amount of times Jen and I have covered new things, amazing inventive things magicked out of seemingly random pieces of equipment, things I have never even heard of before. The variety has been amazing for my progression – all thanks to Jen’s vast knowledge!

When I first came to SIX3NINE I had several ailments and no clue how to fix them. Two months down the line I am running regularly without any knee pain and the pain in my shoulder and neck is all but gone. In my last session I shoulder pressed 7kg on each side and was smooth and controlled throughout. Jen has given me targeted exercises which have genuinely remedied the injuries I have previously been unable to shift. If you need rehabilitation, seeing someone with the knowledge to repair and rebuild is pretty much the best thing you can do.

5. Discovery 

Dreadmills make me want to be sick. I can deadlift more than my own bodyweight. Serious pain can be inflicted with just the resistance of a rubber band. Reverse nordics are hard but nordics are even harder. I have learnt so much since joining SIX3NINE and have discovered so much about myself, my body and the way I train. Having a personal trainer has opened up a whole new world of training – I love it.

Can you think of any other reasons to use a personal trainer? Would love to hear your thoughts! x