Easy Peasy Breezy Beach Waves

Roxy Adverts. Everytime I see one, I wish I was the beautiful, toned, carefree girl frolicking in the waves in a hibiscus bikini. Having grown up in a seaside town, I absolutely love the sea, and these adverts just sum up everything I love about a summer evening down at the beach. If you’re not familiar with them, see Article 1;

And Article 2;

Unfortunately I don’t have a quick fix for the rocking bod. I DO, however, have a quick fix for the hair. Windswept but pretty, it’s my favourite summer look. You need to make yourself a salt spray.

First, get an empty spray water bottle. I got a perfect little one from the miniatures section in Superdrug for the bargain price of £1.69, but any empty spray bottle will do nicely. Then, boil a little water and add salt. For my little one I used two teaspoons, but you’ll need more if your bottle is bigger. As a basic guide, you need it all to dissolve – you don’t want salt floating about as it’ll clog your spray up, so add slowly and make sure it’s dissolved before adding more. Leave the water to cool before putting it in your bottle, and top up with cold water. Done!

Spray into damp hair and scrunch whilst blow drying, or leave to dry naturally. Spritz dry hair and twist it up in a bun or plait it – leave to dry and shake out. For more structured waves, try rollers – the salt isn’t as heavy as mousse, nor as sticky as hairspray, so you’ll be left with lovely natural waves. Finish with a shine spray (I like Charles Worthington) for perfect healthy looking hair!

Also, if you’re blonde (and brave), scrunch in some hair-lightening spray to your ends to get a real sun-kissed look. I’d personally avoid sun-in (too harsh, too much orange risk) and recommend the John Frieda ‘Go Blonder’ Spray;

It’s kind to hair, and works really well in both natural sun and under a hair dryer. I love it! On the other hand, I’d avoid the ‘Go Lighter’ shampoo/conditioner like the plague – my hair looked and felt like straw. But worse. Try Elvive Highlights instead!

Happy surf hair!

PrettyFit xxx