Dubai: Pros and Cons

I’ve been living in Dubai for two months (!) now and feel pretty settled in my new dusty sweaty fancy pants city. I thought I’d share some of the things I love about living here, as well as some of the things I don’t love so much.

Things I love about Dubai 

  • It’s easy to eat healthily. Chicken and fish are ridiculously cheap and always fresh and the fruit and veg selection is pretty spectacular too.
  • Watermelon is ridiculously cheap and always available. I love watermelon.
  • It is always sunny and always warm. The sunsets are excellent.
  • Outdoor and rooftop yoga! Everywhere!
  • They have an Oysho in Dubai Mall.
  • Coconut oil is £3 a LITRE.
  • There’s an awesome 3.5k track for runners (around Safa Park) with a soft surface and four glorious ice cold taps. The taps are gold and are from HEAVEN.
  • Going to a waterpark is a legitimate weekend activity.
  • My tan is excellent.
  • Hummus. Labneh. Lebanese restaurants.
  • The Dubai Fountain. Never not delightful. (Especially when they do this song. And Thriller)
  • Wearing a cap is legit because it’s sunny. Even if you wear it backwards.

Things I don’t love quite so much about Dubai 

  • Spinach is in scarce supply and/or ridiculously expensive. For someone who eats spinach with every meal and finds comfort in food routine, this is distressing on a daily basis.
  • It’s too hot to run comfortably. All runs feel like someone’s filled your limbs with lead and forced you to fight to the death. IT’S THAT HARD
  • Getting kerb crawled while you run. Not cool.
  • It’s not very walker/runner friendly and the few routes there are get a bit boring.
  • There are jellyfish on all the beaches so paddling is an extreme sport.
  • No 1kg tubs of peanut butter.
  • No Torq gels anywhere. My stomach has new gel fear.
  • Whenever there’s something pretty, you can guarantee there’s a building site too.
  • People in Dubai can’t use twitter and only seem to hashtag #dubai. Quite boring,

Have you ever been to Dubai or do you live there? What do you think?