I’m sure you’ve heard all about this super cool new spin studio in town but I don’t care – I am going to tell you even more because it’s ACE and YOU SHOULD GO.

If you follow me on twitter you’ll probably have seen me chatting to them over the past few months. I was lucky enough to win a three month membership in a work raffle and also to be invited to a review class last week, so I have some serious Cyclebeat experience under my belt and can tell you what’s what.

The studio is situated near Monument in an old converted pub. There’s one studio with fifty bikes, one disco ball and one Beatboard. The Beatboard is one of the things that makes Cyclebeat so special – it tracks the RPM and power of each rider in the class and displays it in a leader board behind the instructor.

You can track your position against your classmates in real time and move up and down the Beatboard according to your exertion, which makes it completely different to any other spin class I’ve tried. Normally with spin classes you can hide in the dark. When your instructor shouts for you to add resistance but you’re totally 100% convinced your quads are about the explode you can pretend – give the dial a little fiddle and carry on at the same rate. Heck you could even turn it down and no-one would be any the wiser. With Cyclebeat you can’t do this, because you’ll slip down the Beatboard and everyone will know you’re being a wimp. So, it’s a spin class with accountability AND a competitive edge – just what all sporty people need to whip them in to a frenzied state.

You get your results emailed to you after the class (full stat breakdown – RPM, power, calories, position, gender position…!) and all your results are stored in your online profile. Good for stat geeks.

The disco ball is also pretty special.

The variety of instructors at Cyclebeat is also an awesome selling point. I’ve managed to have class with a few and so can give you the lowdown…

Anthony – Heavy on the resistance so don’t expect an easy ride! Often sings along to his tracks which is fun and has distractingly great arms (whatever gets you through ey?). Generally fun upbeat chart music.

Chris – Lighter on the resistance and more focused on speed work I found, a style I find easier than the super heavy leg work. Unusual mix of music which I thought made for a great class. Rock and blues!

Kari – Lots of long inclines! A tough class with some hefty resistance. Kari gives guidance on heart rate throughout too which is pretty cool if you’re wearing a monitor. Her music changes with every class which means it’s always fresh. She’s walks round the class to check in on your ride and is always there to chat afterwards – a lovely instructor.

Keith – A whole different type of spin class altogether, Keith is my ultimate spin teacher. He actually encourages you to move away from the Beatboard and work at your own level (always beneficial) and I love his whole body whole mind approach. Cool music too – long euphoric mixes.

Andi – A focus on endurance to improve strength and fitness. Expect to meet the pain barrier and keep on charging through. Used the Beatboard to single out riders on their performance which is terrifying and motivating in equal parts – you’ve been warned!

Each instructor chooses their own music and you can listen to a sample playlist on the Cyclebeat instructors page to help you find the right fit.

Cyclebeat run 35 and 45 minute classes every day but Sunday. They currently offer a 20 days for £20 offer for new members which is a total steal so I’d recommend snapping this offer up and going and checking out what all the fuss is about! I love their fresh take on spinning and think you will to. Thanks to Cyclebeat for having me!