Breakfast Run

This weekend I was invited down to run with the ladies from Boutique Sport in leafy Hyde Park and enjoy a cheeky free breakfast at Whole Foods on Kensington High Street afterwards. As I am not a moron I obviously said YES and got excited to scoot over to west London on Saturday morning. Truth be told, I was a little less excited when my alarm went off at 6:45 on said Saturday morning, but I am a trooper and made it Kensington for the 8:45 start.

Ladies before the run! Photo from Boutique Sport

I also pulled this face in real life…


The run was led by PT Mollie, who walked us from Whole Foods over to Hyde Park to get warmed up. We ran an 8.5k/5 mile route around the park and it was such a beautiful day for it – sunny, cold and crisp – and Hyde Park was looking super fly. Also, who knew you could get 5 miles done in Hyde Park alone?! At the start of the run I was feeling good but about 3 miles in I was feeling BAD. I’d worn my new Nike Free’s from the We Own The Night launch and for some reason both of my feet had gone completely numb?!

Looking fly…feeling paralysed

I’ve had this before and it makes me run funny (like I’ve got two dead fish for feet just slapping against the ground) so I stopped and walked in the hope that sensation would re-appear. Luckily it did and I ran another mile before having to stop again and, in the interests of this weekends marathon (!!!!!!) I decided it would be best to sit the last mile out.

I did enjoy the run although I think it’s a shame that there was only one pace for the whole group. According to my watch (which is not the gospel, just the only real source of information I have!) the front group was leading at an 8:20-8:40 minute mile, which I think is a little on the fast side for an all inclusive mixed ability group, and we ended up very spread out. It can be a little disheartening to see a group start off and disappear and it would have been nice to maybe have 2 groups so that we could all run as a group, rather than being so spread out. That said, everyone seemed very happy and I enjoyed myself!

We then went back to Whole Foods for a lush fruit salad with greek yoghurt and Vita Coco (ALL the flavours!) and I was nattering to the lovely Charlie who writes The Runner Beans and her friend Amanda, as well as Laura, Leah, Lissy and the Lunges and Lycra ladies. It was like a big fitness ger love in and that was the greatest.

Charlie with her post-run Vita Coco – Photo by Boutique Sport

Boutique Sport hold loads of awesome events for women in fitness – keep a look out on their website for upcoming events and get involved! Thank you to Boutique Sport for having me and for Whole Foods for the gorgeous breakfast and scrummy goody bag. I love a goody bag.

These are a few of my favourite things…