So you know that fall I had before my tri? Turns out I fractured my elbow. And then completed the tri, with a fractured elbow. This has left me feeling pretty hardcore if I’m honest.


What a lovely bruise I’ve got.

I can’t straighten my arm and will be out of action for about six weeks, which is really really frustrating. Running is out until I’m out of the sling, which will be at least two weeks, and all my favourite exercises (push ups, pull ups, tricep dips, medicine ball slams, clean and jerk!) are out for until the bone heals. No olympic lifting for me!

SO, this is going to require a change in the game plan. I’ve been down to the gym and hit up the spin bike, which I thought would be hideously boring on my own but actually turned in to an awesome little solo spin class with the right playlist. It’s also a prime opportunity to get some lower body conditioning in which, I’ll admit, I can be pretty slack on. So, bodyweight squats, lunges and calf raises are in order, along with the odd glute bridge and of course as much core stuff as I can manage.

I’m actually quite excited about switching things up and focusing on new areas. You never know, maybe I’ll emerge even fitter than I was with two fully functioning arms? And anyway, it looks like falling off your bike and breaking your elbow is the new cool kid thing to do anyway.