Ace Race

Stalking Find a Race to fill up my race calendar is a classic new years task. On my most recent stalk I came across the Windsor Trail Half Marathon, a new race in its first year which looks totally ace.

It’s all off road but completely flat, which means it’s a good introductory trail race if (like me) you’ve only ever tackled road races. It’s mainly run on the Thames path, with a stretch through Eton Dorney (olympic venue) and a finish line at Windsor castle – basically it’s ridiculously pleasant. Last year I ran the Towpath 10, a similar race along the Thames towpath, and I LOVED it. This race looks similar and I think it’ll be a glorious late spring half marathon and something a little bit different.

This year also see’s the first ever East London half marathon, the newest addition to the East London running festival organised by olympic bad girl Tessa Sanderson CBE. I have travelled far and wide to run a half marathon and it would be plain rude not to run one happening on my doorstep.

The Windsor trail half is on May 26th, and the East London half is on April 14. Would you want to run either of them?