100kms – Four Weeks To Go!

In less than four weeks I’ll be taking on my first ultra – 100km at Race to the Stones with the RTTS100 North Face team of ladies. How am I feeling? Hideously underprepared.

Nearly a year ago now I met with RTTS100 co-founder Cat Simpson and forged a plan for a ultra team of wonderful women, running together and promoting women in ultra races. As a beginner I was keen to promote women taking on the ultra distances and thought there was no better way than putting myself out there and leading by example. I was absolutely thrilled to get The North Face onboard and to have so many amazing women apply.

Since Cat and I formed our plans, my training hasn’t gone particularly smoothly. I was living in Dubai until March this year and did quite a few long distance races out there (including the Dubai marathon and the Wadi Bih, a 72km relay up and down the tallest mountain in Dibba, Oman), followed by the London Marathon in April. I neglected my sports massages and wound up injured.

Since the London Marathon I have had trouble with my knees and overly tight quads, which has stopped me running much over 10km. Now, the 100km race is looming ever closer and I just haven’t managed to get the miles in my legs during training. To get me through Race to the Stones I am relying on previous fitness, mental strength, and a hope and a prayer (tried and tested method, I’ve heard).

Despite my training woes, I am definitely still heading to the race. I want to go with the team and cover the distance, even if it’s more walking than running! The next four weeks are all about getting back in to as much regular running as my knees can take and recovering as hard as I can – fingers crossed I can go the distance!