Barefoot Lessons

I’ve now been training in the new Mizuno Evo range for a few weeks and feel I’ve had a good chance to really test them out and get in to training in a minimalist shoe. It’s definitely had an impact on my training, both positive and negative, and I thought I’d share my top tips… Continue reading Barefoot Lessons

Calling all crew

I am passionate about healthy living – everyone deserves to feel fit, healthy and beautiful. Too many women focus on their flaws and do not love and accept themselves; this has to change. My aim is to explore the issues that are relevant to women who want to be fit and healthy, without overcomplicating things.… Continue reading Calling all crew

Maxitone at Westfield

Last weekend I was invited down to Westfield to meet some super ace fitness babes from women’s supplement maker Maxitone. They launched Maxitone atWestfield (#maxiwestfield because we all love a hashtag), which is a pop-up Maxitone store, fitness studio and nutrition consultancy over in the main atrium at Shepherd’s Bush for the next two weeks.… Continue reading Maxitone at Westfield

Frame So Far

In a bid to turn myself in to a morning machine I’ve been taking earlybird classes at Shoreditch favourite Frame. Here’s a roundup of the classes I’ve tried so far, in case you fancy moving your frame too. Frame Camp I went to a Frame Camp class taken by PT Mollie, who I’ve been following… Continue reading Frame So Far

Soph meets the Moose

Personal trainers are ace. They provide guidance, expertise and motivation, all of which are essential to maintaining an enjoyable and worthwhile fitness routine. Finding the right trainer, however, can be difficult, and I find that personal recommendations are often the best way to find someone who can tick all your training boxes. This weekend I… Continue reading Soph meets the Moose

Rise and Shine

I am not a morning person. Never have been. You might catch me on a cheeky midnight sprint down Mile End Road and my old gym frequently used to have to kick me out when they closed for the night. Mornings are for snoozing and bleary eyed commutes to get to work as late as… Continue reading Rise and Shine

Ace Race

Stalking Find a Race to fill up my race calendar is a classic new years task. On my most recent stalk I came across the Windsor Trail Half Marathon, a new race in its first year which looks totally ace. It’s all off road but completely flat, which means it’s a good introductory trail race… Continue reading Ace Race


Photo from – click on the photo to see more sweaty goodness On Tuesday I stopped being a massive pussy and went back to the cheetah crew. Led by the one and only Charlie Dark we hit up the Emirates stadium and these guys were NOT PLAYING. It was hot and hilly which translates… Continue reading Cheetah