Fitness – Page 3

Another busy one this week! Terrible fitness wise, but in the interests of transparency and all… Sunday  I spent all day doing chores, while the sun was shining and my social media feeds were filled with sunny run photos. Then, when the sun went down and it started absolutely pouring, I went out for my… Continue reading Fitness – Page 3

Running – Page 2

Last weekend was my birthday weekend and also my little brother’s 21st birthday, so I’m playing catch up this week and doings weeks 2 and 3 of my training plan. Last week went like this: Sunday: 4  miles, easy Monday: Rest Tuesday: 4 miles, easy Wednesday: Rest Thursday: 4 miles, easy Friday: 4 miles, easy… Continue reading Running – Page 2

Wellbeing – Page 3

Having seen the photo of Whistles’ latest recruit to their mannequin gang do the rounds, I have a couple of thoughts. The majority of comments have been in the same vain as my own thoughts, those thoughts being “what the shit” with a side of pure disbelief. I have also seen quite a few comments… Continue reading Wellbeing – Page 3

I'm a Be:Fit London rep!

I’m excited to announce that I am a rep for this year’s Be:Fit London event! Be:Fit London is a three day event packed with workouts, seminars, exhibitions, health checks, nutrition and fitness gear, making it the perfect event for fitness ladies looking to discover new things and hang out with like minded babes. I’m most… Continue reading I'm a Be:Fit London rep!

Wellbeing – Page 4

Last week I had my first session with Jen Peglar at SIX3NINE. I was really excited before my session – Danny had matched us as Jen has a good understanding of disordered eating and I went to the session feeling as if I could be honest and open about my goals and weaknesses. I met… Continue reading Wellbeing – Page 4

Running – Page 3

I’m starting to realise that I could probably fit more workouts in if I was more organised. With remembering kit, remembering food, remembering to eat at the right time. (Side note: does anyone else get so hungry that they get a really bad tummy ache? Sometimes I get it so bad that I can’t stand… Continue reading Running – Page 3

Wellbeing – Page 2

Hello! Long time no . It’s been a while since I managed to get any real thoughts down on paper because I have been the busiest bean in the world. The primary side effect of being so busy (aside from neglect) is that I am consistently shattered. I feel like I never have any energy,… Continue reading Wellbeing – Page 2

Running – Page 4

I know I’ve already written about my decision to DNS the Berlin marathon, but I thought I’d write a more positive post about all the fun I had in Germany too! Here’s a quick round up of our entire trip, as well as a look in to what the future holds. Thursday On Thursday we… Continue reading Running – Page 4

Wellbeing – Page 13

I’ve signed up for the ‘Ab Challenge’ which is, as the name suggests, a challenge to overhaul your abs. It was a bit of a last minute decision but I’m really pleased I signed up (despite it involving sending a picture of myself half naked to a total stranger – my “before” shot!). I used… Continue reading Wellbeing – Page 13