How Much Room Do You Need for A Power/ Squat Rack?


When you buy a power or squat rack, you purchase it to better yourself and make the investment to be more muscular. A major consideration that is sometimes overlooked when buying a power or squat rack is the space that they consume. 

These machines are usually quite big and have many attachments and extras that mean you need to plan ahead for when you grow, as your machine will likely grow too. In this guide, we take a look at how much room you should allow yourself for growth and movement when using a power or squat rack. 

How much room do I need for a Full Power Rack?

Obviously, every full power rack will be differently sized when compared to other brands, so you should always check the label to ensure you have enough room. On average, a full-size power rack measures 47.7 inches wide, 94 inches high, and around 74 inches deep

These averages should allow you to get a rough estimation of how much room your need to have. In most cases, full-power racks are wider depending on the brand, but usually don’t exceed the depth of height averages we’ve noted here.

How much room do I need for a Half Stand Rack?

As mentioned previously, depending on the manufacturer, the half-stand rack will be different sizes compared to others. Make sure you check the label before you purchase to make sure you get the exact dimensions. With this being said, on average, the half-stand rack measures in at 51.2 inches wide, 90 inches high, and around 45 inches deep.

When compared to the full-power rack, it’s not exactly halved but is a great option if you don’t quite have enough room for a full-power rack. These averages should allow you to have a half-stand rack in the room you wish to use it in. ack in y

How much room do I need for a Wall Mount Rack?

Although you should check the label each time when buying any rack to make sure you have the exact measurements, wall-mounted racks are slightly different. As they are mounted to the wall, they have no real floor space as such. The measurement you need to take is when the unit is folded out and in use, and not when it’s pushed up against your wall.

On average, most wall-mounted racks when folded out are 46 inches wide, 87 inches high, and around 26 inches deep. When folded, both height and width are kept very similar, however when folded the unit can go from 26 inches to around 4 inches deep.

Regardless of these averages, you also need to consider the usage if you were to add a bench, as these devices don’t come out as much, but are usually used in tight spaces (to save space). In most cases, miscalculations on how much space you need are done, so make sure you calculate any accessories that are not included with the rack.

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Plan Ahead to allow for Growth

Rushing into buying any squat rack may seem exciting and easy enough to do, but space is usually the limiting factor for many people trying to buy one. In most cases, people who are stretched for space will buy a small unit but will fail to remember that you will need accessories and growth on the unit to get the most out of it.

Every time you use the machine, you will get bigger, and in most cases, the unit will need to grow with its users. This may be an extra bench, more weight plates, weight plate storage, and much more than many people will overlook when buying a power squat rack. 

When planning ahead, you will always want to look forward to what you may need on your system, should you wish to grow with it. This will also contribute to the weight of the unit, which you may need to start factoring in if the unit becomes so heavy, that it causes structural stress on your building or room. 

Whilst considering the above, it is also best to ensure that you have enough room around the unit and any extra accessories that you may or may not have bought and set up in your unit yet. This will not only allow for even more accessories but makes the whole process safer and easier to walk around should you be pushed for space. 

Other important space Considerations

When buying any power rack, you need to take in a few more extras that may not be included with your initial purchase, and therefore not in the measurements. Items like a bench, weight plates, and barbells, may not be included and you may need to factor these into your measurements. 

Not only this but making sure you have enough room to move around and walk past the machine is very important. Not only does it allow you to move freely around your room and workout when you need to, but is also a lot safer should anything go wrong and you need help, or need to get out of the unit quickly. 

Something else you may want to consider but is usually not a problem is the weight of the unit. In most cases, power racks weigh anywhere from 100kg to 350kg and if your room floor or wall cannot support this, then you may need to reconsider where you place the unit. 


Overall, when buying a power squat rack, considering space and any requirements that are limited by the room the rack will be in is very important. Measuring your area accurately and making sure you have enough room for growth will not only help you when buying the rack but will help you going forward when you need to expand too. Although we’ve provided averages for the three main units, it’s always imperative you check the manufacturer’s dimensions for your unit, as some can be bigger, or smaller than the numbers we’ve provided.