Nutrition – Page 2

Christmas can be an anxious time for fitness folks as we spend so much of the year being pretty disciplined (and enjoying it) that Christmas can feel like everything is out of your control. My advice here is to embrace Christmas and enjoy it – you know it’s coming so look for all the positives… Continue reading Nutrition – Page 2

The Secret Fit Club

My awesome trainer Jen from SIX3NINE has started The Secret Fit Club, a series of seminars (and a cheeky workout session!) designed for busy, strong women to help them find a balance in their lifestyles. I thought that this was an awesome idea, so I thought I’d ask Jen a few questions about her new… Continue reading The Secret Fit Club

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Training has begun! First up: a confession. I miscalculated my dates and thought that my training plan was meant to start last Sunday on 29 May. When I went to write out my plan at the weekend I realised that it was actually meant to start the week before and I was already a week… Continue reading Fitness – Page 2

Nutrition – Page 11

More often than not, the changes needed to switch to a healthier way of life are small and barely noticeable. You’ll be familiar with the following; Take the stairs, not the lift. Eat wholegrain bread, not white. Drink more water, less coke/coffee/caramel frappuccino. Use fructose, not white sugar. …hold the phone. Fructose? Isn’t that a… Continue reading Nutrition – Page 11

Fitness – Page 4

“Do you want to come and do a running treasure hunt around London Zoo?” – you don’t say no to this question. Cut to a rainy Saturday morning in Mornington Crescent, gathering in a cute little cafe with all my ging faves chatting to Brooks about their new Urban Jungle Pack. The Urban Jungle Pack… Continue reading Fitness – Page 4

Running – Page 44

My sister, a chic and sleek fashion journalist, describes my personal style as that of a “recreational drug user”. I feel this is a slight exaggeration, but nonetheless relatively accurate. I like clothes that are bright, lively, embellished, shiny, patterned, ripped, and generally bonkers mad. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely space in my wardrobe… Continue reading Running – Page 44

Nutrition – Page 3

Once upon a time, my friends at Upbeat sent me some lovely yoghurt protein drinks to perk up my mornings. What a wonderful time that was. Ever since that beautiful day, I’ve been living the dream with these yoghurt protein drinks and it has indeed perked up my mornings. Hello little cool bag of delights… Continue reading Nutrition – Page 3

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I’ve heard a lot about Quest bars from american s and fitness sites and so, being the sucker for hype that I am, I was really excited to hear that they were available in the UK from Predator Nutrition. So, why was I so excited to try them? Quest bars are gluten free, soya free… Continue reading Nutrition – Page 4

Fitness – Page 52

If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day, or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no licence to earn, no membership card to get. You just run. John Bingham. Other cool stuff:… Continue reading Fitness – Page 52