I have always been dead against detoxes. In my opinion, there’s nothing your liver can’t do for you and detoxes are just a money making fad. However, I’d never tried a detox for myself. When Nosh Detox got in touch to ask if I’d like to try one of their 3 day programmes, my initial reaction was “no way, Jose”. However, once I’d thought about it a bit more I was a little curious. Were detox fanatics really on to something? How would it make me feel? What would be the impact of a detox on my energy levels? My exercise regime? My ability to concentrate at work? If I was going to have an informed opinion then I should probably try one for myself, so I decided to take Nosh up on their offer.

After filling in their online questionnaire about my preferences, activity levels and dietary requirements, I had a chat with Sarah from Nosh about what I hoped to achieve from a detox. I admitted that I struggle with my energy levels and she suggested I try their ABC Detox*, which has two food days (one raw until dinner) and one liquid day (but with solid food for dinner). Sarah told me that it’s designed to improve energy levels, so I signed up! I really appreciated having the chance to chat with someone from Nosh and get their advice on how to approach my first ever detox.

I was pleasantly surprised when my first delivery turned up. Food for Monday and Tuesday arrived on Sunday evening and there was quite a lot of it! Solid portion of proper food. Yessss.

These deliveries felt real fancy

These deliveries felt real fancy




Here’s my menu for Monday:

image1 2

Breakfast was absolutely delicious and really satisfying, so things were off to a good start. The mid-morning snack was OK, but the taste of the rice cakes was overpowering and the ‘dip’ was tasteless so essentially useless. I like rice cakes though so not all was lost.

I would eat this granola every day

I would eat this granola every day

I was really disappointed by lunch. I couldn’t taste the cumin in the cauliflower rice and it didn’t taste like it had been sauted at all – it tasted really raw. When I opened the package it smelt like cauliflower to the point where I felt it was anti-social in the office! There was three small pieces of pepper and some chunks of asparagus, but it was mainly just a big pile of cauliflower. I didn’t finish it.

On the flip side, the afternoon snack was delicious – I could eat these beans ever day! So so yummy and flavourful, it made me feel as if lunch was a mistake. I was a little hungry by this point, but I think it’s because I couldn’t finish my lunch.

Dinner was also delicious! I love king prawns and I definitely hadn’t expected to get anything as filling and yummy as brown rice on a detox. I went to bed completely satisfied.

Overall, day one was a huge success!


Here’s my menu for day two:


A liquid day! Until dinner anyway.

The breakfast smoothie was surprisingly filling and took me ages to finish, which was ace. I really missed coffee this morning but stayed strong and sipped at my water. You’re allowed herbal teas (green tea, peppermint tea etc.) but I really hate teas so it was plain old water for me.

Mid-morning ‘snack’ came and went. You can tell the smoothies were mainly vegetables with a touch of fruit, but they were relatively palatable. I felt a little hungry.

Lunch was a soup, which was great because it felt like a solid meal even if it was still a liquid. The butternut squash and coconut milk soup was absolutely delicious – I’m going to try and recreate it at home!

About an hour after lunch I got a dreadful headache – it was awful. I had been feeling ok and wasn’t hungry so I was surprised to be getting a headache, but I put it down to withdrawal of sugar or caffeine. Throughout the afternoon it got progressively worse and made it really hard to concentrate on work, so I slipped off as early as I could. The mid-afternoon smoothie didn’t help and by this point I’d also started to feel really hungry!

I had the earliest dinner of my life (about 6:30pm) in the hope that it would ease my head. The dinner was delicious but I still felt hungry afterwards and my headache just got worse. I tweeted Nosh to see if they could help – they recommended vegetable sticks with salt on. Unfortunately I was at home waiting for my Nosh Delivery so couldn’t pop to the shop to get the vegetables, so I went for a couple of ibuprofen instead!

SO HAPPY to see this dinner at the end of a liquid day. It was delicious too. I could have eaten 4 of them.

SO HAPPY to see this dinner at the end of a liquid day. It was delicious too. I could have eaten 4 of them.


Nosh say that their deliveries arrive between 6pm and 11pm at the latest. I left work early to be home for 6pm and ended up waiting for ages – it eventually turned up at 11:45pm! I am a night owl and normally this would be fine, but due to the headache and the hunger I would have killed to be in bed early! The delivery driver did contact me at around 10pm to warn me he was running late and apologised. He also offered to leave the food in a safe place, but I wanted to receive the delivery and know it was in the fridge ready to go so I chose to wait up. It would have been good to have been given a more specific delivery time (i.e. “we’ll be in your postcode towards the end of the round”) so that I could have popped to the shop for the salty vegetable sticks.

Day two – a bit of a disaster but I stuck to the programme and was proud of myself for doing so.


Here’s my Wednesday menu:


I was so happy to see solid food again! I woke up without a headache and was surprised to actually feel pretty good. I felt like I’d sailed through a storm and the water had calmed and the sun had come out! Day three was supposedly raw food until dinner, but I don’t think this necessarily held true.

Breakfast was good, but missed coffee (ha!). It was very strongly spiced with ginger, which I didn’t like, but I loved the pomegranate seeds.

Mid-morning snack was delicious – the pesto dip was lovely and flavourful enough to compete with the rice cakes! I didn’t feel hungry or headachey but I did really want a coffee. Energy levels felt good.

I LOVED this pesto 'dip' (more like a spread)

I LOVED this pesto ‘dip’ (more like a spread)

Again, I was disappointed by lunch. Compared to the satisfying breakfasts and dinners the lunches seemed very low calories, which didn’t help with my hunger and concentration levels at work. This lunch was tasty enough, but I’d definitely had enough of mushrooms by the end. I didn’t finish this either due to mushroom overload. The mushrooms had definitely been cooked – they weren’t raw.

Afternoon snack was small but really delicious. It was also not raw – those prawns had definitely been cooked, as had the crispy kale! I wasn’t complaining though – it was tasty. I wasn’t hungry and again my energy levels felt great.

As had been the case throughout the week, dinner was delicious. Really generous with the chicken chunks and with lots of lovely vegetables and filling brown rice. It actually felt very similar to the kind of thing I’d cook myself!

So, what did I think?

Overall, I really enjoyed the detox and found it really easy to stick to. Day two was the hardest, which confirmed to me that liquid only diets aren’t good news and that juice cleanses are probably still a really bad idea. I felt terrible!

I did feel that the detox delivered what it had promised. By day three I definitely saw improved energy levels. My body felt good and my digestive system was responding really positively. I was impressed! It definitely made me think of the impact of sugar, dairy and caffeine on my body and has made me consider my food choices differently. Since the detox (almost two weeks now) I’ve had reduced cravings for sweet things – I’m surprised how long lasting those effects have been.

Before the detox I made the decision not to exercise for its duration. I struggle with fuelling my exercise correctly anyway and felt that not only would the reduced calories affect my performance, but it could also jeopardise my chances of sticking to the detox and giving it a fair chance. I can’t comment on the effect on exercise, but my guess would be that performance would be diminished and that the food wouldn’t stand a chance in the face of runger!

Having been through the detox I think it’s something I would do again, but something I could definitely recreate at home. It was hard but I was happy to have stuck to it! I was also very happy to be reunited with coffee again…

I don't normally have coffee this big, but it was a special occasion...

I don’t normally have coffee this big, but it was a special occasion…

A note for any of my readers with disordered eating tendencies: I was worried that the detox would trigger my disordered eating habits. I’m happy to report that it didn’t – generally there was a good supply of food and it helped me feel in control of my food intake. However, I appreciate that I do now have a good handle on these bad habits and am able to recognise and deal with them effectively. If you have disordered eating tendencies and know you don’t have full control over them then I would probably recommend not undergoing a detox and it may trigger starve/binge/purge tendencies (especially any liquid days). Stay safe!

Thanks to Nosh for giving me the chance to try out one of their detox programmes! 


I’m excited to announce that I am a rep for this year’s Be:Fit London event! Be:Fit London is a three day event packed with workouts, seminars, exhibitions, health checks, nutrition and fitness gear, making it the perfect event for fitness ladies looking to discover new things and hang out with like minded babes.


I’m most excited about browsing the stands for new nutrition brands (I always discover the best new snacks through exhibitions like this), hitting up the yoga for runners workshop on Saturday and catching talks from Olympics babes Becky Adlington and Victoria Pendleton, and that is just a drop in the ocean of fitness fun.

Be:Fit London is on from Friday 1 May to Sunday 3 May at the Business Design Centre in Islington.  You can secure a ticket for a discounted price using discount code “SOPHIE” at the checkout, and tickets are available through my affiliate page.

Will I see you there?


Did you read my post on making realistic new years resolutions? If so, how are you getting along? Research suggests that just 8% of people manage to achieve their new years resolutions, which is a pretty measly figure if we’re honest. Now that we’re well in to 2015, I thought I would check in to see how you’re getting along and report back on my own resolutions.

So, how am I getting along? My resolutions for 2015 are:

1. Improve my swimming – I am taking part in Swimathon this Sunday! So far in training I have hit 1000m, which is over double my previous distance PB of 400m, so I’d say that one was coming along nicely, thank you very much.

2. Get a new half marathon PB – Ah. This one is more of a work in progress and, if it happens, will definitely be later in the year. I’ll have to admit that I’ve been a bit slack on my speed sessions, so I need to get back on it.

3. Get a new 10k PB – Also a work in progress! Eyes are on the Nike Women’s Race in London on June 21 (riding with my crew, Ride or Die) to make this happen.

4. Get back on a scary road bike – I’m taking part in the 25th Anniversary of the Windsor Triathlon as part of team Human Race and as part of my training will be getting back on a racing bike! I am terrified but plans for this are definitely in the pipe line. Fingers crossed for no broken bones this time round.

At a third of the way through 2015 (a THIRD) I’d say that wasn’t bad progress at all, with further work to do over the coming months. How are you getting along?

My friends at Holland and Barrett have put together a slider showing the average differences in health between December and January (aka, the effect of the New Years Resolution). If you’re slipping on your way to achieving your health or fitness goals, here’s a reminder of the wonderful effects that healthy living can have!



Holland and Barrett provided me with store credit to post about their new years resolution slider. Mediocre resolution performance all my own. 


I love treats. I also love healthy eating. Combining the two is one of my favourite things.

WheyHey protein ice cream combines the best of both worlds. It’s delicious ice cream, but it contains 20g of whey protein isolate, is low in fat, contains no sugar and all pots come in under 180 calories. Dreamy! I remember searching high and low when WheyHey first came out to find a stockist, so it was lovely to receive a little parcel of all four of their flavours to try!

If we’re honest, most protein snacks aren’t the best in the taste department. They taste protein-y and generally use artificial sweeteners which leave a distinctive aftertaste. I’ve tried loads and usually end up giving them away or leaving them to gather dust at the back of the cupboard. I do genuinely like WheyHey – I liked it before I was given samples and I think it’s one of the only ‘healthy’ treats that is a genuinely satisfying alternative to the naughty ones.


Having tried all four, I think I am now in a prime position to provide the indisputable ranking of WheyHey flavours by deliciousness.

(1) Strawberry. I love strawberry ice cream and strawberry WheyHey has that classic pink strawberry ice cream taste. I love it.

(2) Chocolate. It’s a classic. Chocolate protein treats can be pretty hit and miss but this has a solid chocolatey flavour. I approve.

(3) Vanilla. I like vanilla ice cream and this is tasty, but it’s…vanilla. I wouldn’t choose it over the others.

(4) Banoffee. This was the only flavour I hadn’t previously tried and I was disappointed that it didn’t live up to the hype. I didn’t like the flavour and it tasted very synthetic. Not for me! My boyfriend loved it though.

Thanks to WheyHey for sending me these little pots of joy to try! All opinions are obviously my own. 


My awesome trainer Jen from SIX3NINE has started The Secret Fit Club, a series of seminars (and a cheeky workout session!) designed for busy, strong women to help them find a balance in their lifestyles. I thought that this was an awesome idea, so I thought I’d ask Jen a few questions about her new programme!


What is the Secret Fit Club?

The secret fit club is a community of strong women who lead busy lifestyles. They have teamed together to achieve a happy, healthy work/life balance where optimum equilibrium can be found between fitness, health and happiness.

What motivated you to start the Secret Fit Club? What’s your overall aim?

I started the secret fit club off the back of my own struggles with weight loss. For years I wasted thousands of pounds trying the latest fads and yo-yo diets. I was bombarded by so much ‘advice’ and ‘revelations’ in the media I didn’t know what to belief and nothing I tried seemed to work – at least not for long.

The aim of the Secret Fit Club is to stop women getting trapped in the same vicious cycle as I was in. To educate them about the reality of losing weight, living a healthy and active lifestyle and achieving lasting results with minimum impact on their busy work and social lives.

We need to work together to beat the sensationalist claims of the media and learn to love our bodies.

Who can join the Secret Fit Club?

Any woman who aspires to be a better version of herself can join the club. The more members we have, the more we can support and encourage each other on our journey.

What are the details? (dates, times, cost etc.)

The first free introductory session will take place on Tuesday the 20th of January at 6.30pm-7.30pm at The Hospital Club (Chalk Room) – we will meet at SIX3NINE and walk over together.

After the free introduction where I talk about my journey and what we will achieve together, you can sign up for the full 6 seminar series.

As part of the sign up you will receive:

  • 6 seminars revealing how you can stop the vicious cycle, get the body you want, and maintain it long term with minimal impact on your lifestyle.
  • My passion, knowledge, guidance and support to help you achieve your goals.
  • Access to a secret Facebook group with hints and tips to keep you on track , a friendly, supportive environment and regular live Q&A sessions.
  • A Body Composition analysis at the beginning and end of the 6 sessions which you can take away with you and see the progress you have made.
  • A complimentary goodie bag containing some useful tools to get you started.
  • BUT……most of all, as a member of the secret fit club, you will receive….the secret to achieving lasting results.

The price for all of this is just £99 and the seminars will run weekly for 6 weeks every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm.

All about Jen!  

Jen is a PT at Six3Nine: A Personal Training Practice in London’s Covent Garden. Having spent several years as a school teacher battling with her weight, in 2012, having lost over 3 stone, she re-trained as a PT and is now passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals with lasting results. As well as fat loss, Jen has a keen interest in postural corrective exercise and exploring ways to get the body functioning as it was designed to in a pain-free way.

For more information on Six3Nine and its unique training ethos or to enquire a training session with Jen, please email .