Air Bike vs. Spin Bike: A Detailed Comparison


A healthy lifestyle has always been a priority for everyone. Be it a person in their youth or older adults; they try to adopt healthy living habits to stay fit and healthy. Today’s younger generation is more of a gym freak. Some people choose simple ways of walking, running, jogging, or cycling. 

Cycling is a perfect way to strengthen your body, both physically and mentally. It’s also one of the most convenient ways to workout. Today, many modern exercise bikes have made it easy to achieve our fitness goals at home. A common misconception that prevails about home workouts is that they are not effective as the ones we do in a gym. The truth is they provide the same workout intensity as that of a gym.

This guide focuses on two very common indoor bike options: the Air Bike and the Spin Bike. Here we will provide you with an in-depth overview of what each form of bike offers, its main features, and other elements. Moreover, we will compare both options before helping you choose the right kind of bike.

What Is An Air Bike And A Spin Bike?

Before we compare the Air Bike and the Spin Bike, let’s look at what these bikes are.

Air Bike

Air Bike is perfect for those looking for effective and intense workouts. Yes, these bikes are built in such a way to make you work hard. Let’s have a look at some of the specifications and basic features of the Air Bikes:

  • It gives cardio workout intensity similar to running.
  • Solidly built with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs up to 350 lbs.
  • Designed for a full-body workout.
  • Typically recommended for 20 to 30-minute workout sessions.
  • Solid build and sturdy frame.
  • Considerably heavier weights.

It is also known as the fan bike. Initially, the Air Bike was only for people involved in aerobics and cross-fit training in the late 70s. Its upright build with a seat and handlebar set keeps your arms and legs engaged. When you’re on an Air Bike, your back is straight while your legs and arms move or pull against the drag.

Air Bike does not have a typical flywheel, but an air wheel. The resistance depends on the fan that uses air and other design elements to produce the required resistance. The air wheel, which is the dominant feature of an Air Bike, is mounted with fans angled to generate drag as you ride on this bike.

On the downside, the bike’s mechanisms do generate chatter, and these kinds of bikes end up being kind of noisy.

The seat on these bikes is typically broader, giving a more comfortable seat. The placement of the handlebars ensures that your arms stay engaged throughout the workout.

Spin Bike

Now let’s take a look at some of the specifications and basic features of the Spin Bikes:

  • Spinning means a lot of calorie burning.
  • Resistance in Spin Bikes is either physical resistance or magnetic resistance.    
  • The assembled bike is heavy and can be challenging to move.
  • Provides a quiet workout experience.
  • Affordable with a wide variety of brands.
  • Use either belt drive or chain drive mechanism to operate.

Riding a Spin Bike is somewhat similar to riding a mountain bike. Many users have expressed that Spin Bike workout sessions are as good as an intense cycling workout. While riding this bike, your body will bend to an aerodynamic position, giving you full access to the handlebars, which is not much different than the usual stance users take on actual bicycles.

Anyone trying to burn some calories by cycling can achieve their fitness goals by spinning. This bike specifically targets some muscle groups, including legs, thighs, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and core. The Spin Bike’s overall design makes it especially ideal for fitness enthusiasts to exercise indoors or even for users who want a cycling-like workout experience at home. They are affordable with reasonable prices, but they also range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. More costly Spin Bikes have a heavier flywheel. This affects how realistically the bike can mimic an outdoor experience. The total weight of the flywheel is between 30 and 50 pounds. With it, pedaling is smoother.

Air Bike vs. Spin Bike: Similarities

Cycling offers a diverse experience of physical fitness. The muscle groups involved, the number of calories burned, and the nature of the exercise are highly affected by the model of cycling equipment you use.

While both the Spin and Air Bikes engage various muscle groups: each provides a specific workout experience.


Air BikeSpin Bike
– Infinite resistance
– Sturdy design
– Ergonomic seat
– Full body workout
– Multiple resistance levels
– Tech equipped
– Two different types of resistance
– Perfect for HIIT and LIIT


Air BikeSpin Bike
– Quite heavy– Quite expensive

Fan Bike vs. Spin Bike: Differences

Now that we know what each of these bikes offers let’s talk about their differences. To compare both these bikes, we will give you the ultimate breakdown and discuss each difference between these bikes:

Bike Wheel

The bike wheel is the first major difference you’ll notice between the Spin Bike and the Air Bike.

The bike wheel is very wide on an Air Bike. It has fan blades inside to transfer air more efficiently to create infinite resistance levels.

Spin Bikes have a smaller wheel on the front, called a flywheel, weighing between 15 to 20 kg: the heavier the flywheel, the higher and smoother the resistance.


As long as you choose a quality brand, the Spin Bike frame and the Air Bike frame are well built. The frame carries the user’s weight enduring all the side motions, dragging, pushing, and pulling.

Air Bike has a more upright position when you ride it. The seat is typically lower than the handles so that you can push the strength through its handlebars.

Spin Bike is identical to a road bike where the center of gravity tips more forward to the handlebars. The saddle aligns with its handlebars to assist in maintaining a straight back posture. 


At first glance, it’s quite obvious that apart from the two wide wheels, the handlebars are still very different.

Air Bike handles are at a great height for the rider’s shoulders and hands to be fully engaged as they work out. So this bike serves as a cardio device that allows the user to engage their arms, legs, and hearts.

You’ll find a few different handheld combinations with a Spin Bike. One for an intense heart pumping, while the other is easier to cycle. You can choose the one that makes you feel more relaxed. The handlebars allow the user to stand up from its seat to lean forward on handlebars by shifting the center of gravity over the bike’s pedals. This whole concept will encourage you to work out through harder resistance.


The only difference with the pedals is that on Spin Bikes, they come with straps to keep your feet secure while you work out. You can also replace Spin Bike pedals.

Although some Air Bike pedals come with straps, most of them do not have any straps because they are common HIIT fitness equipment where they use them for a few minutes, jump off, take a break, and hop back on it again.


The seat on the Air Bike appears to have a wider surface so that you can relax your back more easily. The main reason behind this is to offer HIIT workouts.

The seat on Spin Bike is smaller and resembles the seat of a real road bike. The narrow seat allows full leg extension to engage the hamstrings and glutes when using the Bike. It is also beneficial to reduce chafing on the inner thighs dramatically.


As its name suggests, the resistance of an Air Bike is air. When you push and pull the handlebars and push the pedals simultaneously, it helps create a rotation effect. All of this rotation then controls the air wheel on the front. The faster you pedal, the harder it gets for the wheel to turn, and it helps to build resistance.

Unlike Air Bike, the Spin Bike has both magnetic and friction resistance. The resistance of a Spin Bike results from inertia. You shift and rotate the flywheel in the front as you pedal. Once you rotate its knobs, the magnets on the magnetic-based Spin Bike or the felt pads on the friction-based Spin Bike move closer to the flywheel to counteract the wheel’s speed. For all the flywheel resistance, the user forces harder on the pedal to keep up with the same RPM.

How To Choose The Best For My Needs?

Both of these bikes can give you an outstanding aerobic workout, but choosing between them depends entirely on what workout you plan.

Spin Bikes are ideal for people looking for a similar experience while riding an outdoor bike but at their home’s comfort.

With Air Bikes, you can have a highly productive and intense workout, allowing you to burn an incredible amount of calories. If HIIT workouts are what you are looking for, we recommend going with an Air Bike.


So this was our full breakdown on Air Bike vs. Spin Bike. Although both bikes come with their own set of pros and cons, they’re both fantastic bikes that can give the best cardio workout experience to its users. They may have variations in look, features, and function but are very similar in their ultimate objective to help you burn those extra calories and lose weight. We hope that this article will give you the answers and the details you need to determine which one is better for you.