Today’s running track? Tiesto’s Adagio for Strings.   Dubious? Put it at the end of your running playlist, and then try not to pick up the pace for a sprint finish.   Resistance is futile.

Roxy Adverts. Everytime I see one, I wish I was the beautiful, toned, carefree girl frolicking in the waves in a hibiscus bikini. Having grown up in a seaside town, I absolutely love the sea,… View Post

I’m a big fan of Bio-Synergy. I love their Skinny Water (the world’s first ‘functional water’, which contains active ingredients to boost metabolism and suppress sugar cravings, and all at just 2 calories a bottle),… View Post

Top workout music pick for today? Night by Night – Chromeo.   If it doesn’t make you want to work out, I’ll eat my trainers. (I won’t, I’ll probably just feel sheepish).   Enjoy!  … View Post