It’s confirmed! I’ll be heading back to Berlin in September to run the marathon. Hopefully, this time, I will actually run it. Regular readers will know that I deferred my place from last year’s trip… View Post

I’m sure you haven’t managed to escape the hype about the latest shoe release from adidas, the Pure Boost X. This is the first shoe designed for women, by women. The thinking here is that,… View Post

What’s in a name? When you think of a name for your blog, you might think of all sorts of things. What interests you, what’s your message, who are you reaching out to? When it… View Post

I’m starting to realise that I could probably fit more workouts in if I was more organised. With remembering kit, remembering food, remembering to eat at the right time. (Side note: does anyone else get… View Post

Another busy one this week! Terrible fitness wise, but in the interests of transparency and all… Sunday  I spent all day doing chores, while the sun was shining and my social media feeds were filled… View Post