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National Trust Night Run – Osterley Park

“Downtown Abbey meets the Blair Witch Project” This was Dayve’s assessment of the night run held by the National Trust at the beautiful Osterley ParkĀ and HouseĀ in Hounslow. For the most part I would… Continue reading

SIX3NINE: The Consultation

In case you hadn’t noticed me moaning about it perpetually, I have picked up some annoying horrible little bastard injuries in the past year or so. It started with breaking my elbow back… Continue reading

Nike Zoom

I love a good NTC session. Last week I was invited over to a beautiful studio in Marylebone by Nike Women to take part in a special NTC session with Barry’s Bootcamp babe… Continue reading

Getting G3 With It

Something I am really passionate about is incorporating health and fitness in to every day living, and I love that all sorts of companies are getting on board and finding ways to make… Continue reading

Guest Blog: Edge Cycle Bootcamp

I was away for the whole of September travelling the southern states of North America (more on that to come!) and the lovely Sophie of This Blog is Sophie’s Blog offered to cover… Continue reading

Flex Headphones from Soul Electronics

I think that music is a big part of training and, consequently, earphones are a key piece of training equipment. Choosing earphones, especially for runners, can be a bit of a nightmares, as… Continue reading

Sleek Technique

I’ve had the chance to try Sleek Technique a couple of times now and I absolutely love it. It’s an amazing workout and a lot of fun, which is a killer combination in… Continue reading

Girly with Green People

Something strange has happened to me of late. As a diehard tomboy of epic proportions it is very strange that recently I have come over a little girly. Not a lot, but enough… Continue reading

#readytoroll with Kia

On Sunday I went over to Westfield to check out the new Kia installation, Ready to Roll, in honour of the brand new Kia Soul. You might have seen the advert – it’s… Continue reading

New Nuun + Discount Code!

Staying hydrated is really important, especially in this amazing hot summer weather we have been having. Hydration doesn’t necessarily mean just water though – electrolytes are really important too to ensure you stay… Continue reading