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On #currysintrojuicing

For the record, I had a lot of fun at the Currys juicing event last night. There were lots of blog pals there (blog pals in real life is one of my favourite… Continue reading

I love reformer pilates and wish I was rich so I could go all the time

Reformers look like torture machines and I guess, in a way, they are. I think there’s a tendency to think that pilates is girly (and, by stereotypical definition, easy) but let me tell… Continue reading

Shoe Week: Nike Free Bionic

Training shoes. Are they necessary? This is my only pair of training specific shoes – previously I’ve only had running shoes and have done my other training (weights etc.) in those. I found… Continue reading

The Bupa 10k

I have a confession. A week ago I ran the Bupa 10k and I really struggled. I really struggled because I hadn’t eaten enough. I hadn’t been eating enough all week. And trying… Continue reading

Badass water activities with Spogo

There were points when I genuinely thought I may die. There were points where I couldn’t stop laughing. I spent most of the day either terrified or euphoric and I cannot wait to… Continue reading

I ran the London Marathon

It has taken me a while to get my thoughts on the London Marathon in order and out in the open. I honestly thought it would be one of the best days of… Continue reading

Nike Free with We Own The Night

Nike very kindly invited me down to their Nike Free Experience last week in the run up to We Own The Night on May 10. Nike Free has now been a ‘thing’ for… Continue reading

RTTS100 Project Launch!

Yippee! The team has been selected and the (frankly terrifying) training plans are here. Our ultra project is LIVE and I cannot wait for you all to meet the team and share this… Continue reading


First thing’s first, set the scene. Hit play on the above. Now carry on. BLOODY HELL I AM RUNNING THE LONDON MARATHON TOMORROW!! The mother flipping London marathon. Gahh I am so excited!… Continue reading

Feeling Upbeat

Once upon a time, my friends at Upbeat sent me some lovely yoghurt protein drinks to perk up my mornings. What a wonderful time that was. Ever since that beautiful day, I’ve been… Continue reading