2015 in Review

2015 was a seriously mixed bag. While some parts of my life reached lifetime highs, other areas sank or got discarded. I felt like I went through immense change, as did some of my family and close friends, and it’s made me feel elated and excited but also occasionally sad and usually out of control. I haven’t really blogged much recently but, in an attempt to reconnect with my blog and in the spirit of the January fresh start, here’s a round-up of 2015 (good and bad) by way of catch up.

The Good

I got engaged!

My number one top highlight of 2015 was when my boyfriend of thirteen years asked me to marry him. He proposed on our thirteen year anniversary in the most amazing way and I am super pumped to be marrying him! I’ve been umming and aahing about doing an engagement post, because it isn’t really fitness related, but I might do one anyway because I love telling the story. 


We bought a flat!

Close second in “amazing things that happened in 2015” was buying our first home. We’ve been living in Bow Quarter for four years now and I’ve always dreamed of owning a flat there, and this year that dream came true! We bought a top floor one bedroom flat in the converted warehouse building and I love it. I am so grateful to everyone who helped us (especially Dayve’s family and their amazing generosity) buy a home. I thought we’d never be able to have our own place and here we are! It’s definitely a fixer-upper but I’m enjoying the renovation process so far.

I got a new Nephew! 

I was already an auntie of six (three nieces, three nephews!) when, at the beginning of the year, my sister found out that she was expecting a baby. In September we welcomed little baby Arthur in to the world and I am really in love with him (obsessed). Now we have seven little bear cubs running around and they are all amazing. I am so lucky to have such a big beautiful family!


I haven’t been fired!

I survived my first year as a qualified solicitor and now have 1 years PQE under my belt. I love my job (despite the very occasionally gruelling hours) and love being challenged every day. Sometimes it feels like I’m hanging on for dear life, but I am definitely enjoying the ride.

I survived an expedition!


“Looking away” is the best pose to disguise the fact you haven’t showered for a week

I was lucky enough to go on a once in a lifetime trip to Ethiopia with my work to trek the Simien Mountains. This was physically and emotionally challenging for me but an absolutely incredible experience. You can read all about it in my write up.

The Bad

My Running 

I’ll explain more about this in another post but my running (and, to be honest, fitness in general) went massively downhill in 2015. I had so much going on that it’s always taken a back seat, but my mental health has definitely suffered as a result of moving less. Having to drop out of Berlin was the final straw really – I felt so heartbroken and humiliated and I never want to feel like it again. I’m hoping I can find a way in 2016 to get a little more balance.

My Health

As I mentioned, my mental health took a bit of a beating this year, mainly in the latter half of the year. I sought some help from my doctor but it has been a bit of a turbulent time. I’m pretty confident that getting back in to a regular exercise routine will really help, and that’s my main motive to get back to it really. That and my ever expanding arse.

This Blog

I have been terrible at blogging! When you don’t exercise as much, you don’t have so much to write about. When you’re not really digging yourself, you doubt anyone else would be digging you either so you don’t write anything, or you write it and then delete it for being boring/stupid/a failure/a fraud. When you’re working a lot, you don’t really feel like sitting at your computer after that’s what you’ve been doing all day, so you don’t write a lot. For all of these reasons (and many others) I have no written very much. I love blogging as a way of connecting with like-minded people and I’m hoping I can get back to writing more regularly going forward.

That said, the blog has given me some amazing opportunities this year (Berlin with adidas, going to Bestival, swimming my furthest ever distance, filming the campaign video with adidas, getting chased by David Coulthard at the Red Bull Wings for Life, having a ball doing the Nike #werunlondon run with my best bi***es, etc) and I am incredibly grateful. I’m hoping I can be a better blogger in 2016!

The Ugly

To be entirely honest, the ugly parts of 2015 have happened to those around me and not to me, so they’re not for me to share on the blog in any detail. However, seeing friends and family go through awful things is heartbreaking and I’m hoping that there are better days ahead.

I hope you all had a wonderful 2015 and that your 2016 is even better! x


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