Inspiration – 1000TT

I like to think that I train pretty hard and sometime fancy myself as a bit of a badass when I have a particularly gruelling or good training session. Then, something like the 1000TT comes along and blows all of my conceptions of ‘hardcore’ out of the water. If you needed inspiration to up your game then here it is.

The 1000TT team, consisting of brothers Scott and Rhys Jenkins and friends David Thomas and Kris Lindsay, are setting out to cycle 1000 miles across Europe, from Turin in Italy to Swansea in Cardiff, in just 10 days. Yeah you read that right, TEN. 100 miles a day, ten days straight, taking in 5 countries, 50 towns and 5 cities. Oh, and FOUR Tour de France inclines. All in aid of charity. The team are raising money for MacMillian Cancer Research and The Dumfries and Galloway Endowment Fund (Alexandra Fund), a specialist unit set up to enhance the day to day lives of cancer patients.

Left: Rhys Jenkins
Right: Kris Lindsay

Think mountains. Think off road. Think freezing temperatures. Insane heat. 10 days may be a short time in which to cycle 1000 miles, but it’s a long time to ensure such gruelling conditions. All four athletes are amateur road cyclists who train in their spare time – what’s your excuse again? The Jenkins brothers are keen endurance athletes and have just completed a round-the-clock relay around the perimeter of Wales – as if cycling 1000 miles across Europe wasn’t enough. Having said that, this is the first time Rhys Jenkins has cycled a road bike. Starting BIG. Kris Lindsay and David Thomas are newcomers to ultra endurance events and so much of their preparation will be mental as well as physical. This challenge is no small feat.

Scott Jenkins: Mastermind of the 1000TT

So why are they embarking on such a bonkers mad expedition? Scott Jenkins breaks it down;

“Both charities are close to our hearts, especially mine as my grandmother died of cancer and recently, Mavis Millar, my girlfriends nana also lost her fight. She was a woman who defied odds and I wanted to do a challenge that raised the profile of what the two charities did whilst defying the odds set by the human body in memory of Mavis. To cycle 1,000 miles from Turin to Cardiff is going to be an incredible challenge for us, but it’s nothing compared to the challenges that cancer survivors and patients deal with daily.”

 I think that Scott’s last sentence sums it up perfectly – they’re taking on a challenge for the benefit of those who can’t. It’s inspirational to see four amateur road cyclists take on such an epic challenge and the fact that it’s all in aid of such an awesome charity is all the more awe inspiring. They’re due to set off on June 3rd; if you’d like to find out more about the team and their challenge or fancy giving them a sponsor then you can find their website here. You can follow the boys on twitter @1000TT and find them on facebook.

Have you ever been inspired to complete an endurance or ultra challenge? Would you take on the challenge?