Pretty Fit Kit – Autumn Edition

As Autumn/Winter rolls in, running becomes a whole new ball game. Not only are we dealing with a lack of motivation (it’s cold outside, and warm inside – no brainer) but the practicalities of dealing with cold weather and dark nights can be challenging.

Safety is obviously a big issue when autumn comes rolling around; running in the dark is obviously a safety hazard for everyone, but women are unfortunately particularly vulnerable. Make sure you stay safe and visible; wear bright and/or reflective clothing, stick to well lit or busy routes, if you can keep a mobile on you and ensure that someone knows where you’re going.

If you have one local to you, join a running club. Nike+ run informal clubs around London and also in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Exeter, Cardiff and Manchester – you can find more details on their facebook page (search “Nike Running UK” and click the tab ‘Nike+ Run Clubs’ under their profile photo – currently the very lovely Ellie Goulding).

The clothing issue. I know black is slimming and you feel all cool running through the crowds like a sneaky ninja (maybe just me) but it is not visible in the dark. Invest in some bright kit and stand out.

I love the Lightning Vest by Sweaty Betty – it’s the coolest hi-viz has ever been (quite a statement, I know). It’s a bright reflective vest with drop armholes and a flattering loose fit with a fitted waistband, perfect for layering over a long-sleeve running thermal or a sports bra if you’re that kind of girl. For the record, I’m that kind of girl. It also features cool Sweaty Betty branding on the back.

Front - Courtesy of Sweaty Betty

Back - Courtesy of Sweaty Betty

I absolutely LOVE it. It’s priced at £32 and is available now.

Keeping warm is also an absolute must. It’s imperative to wrap up when you’re running in the cold – your body may feel warm once you get going but just because you aren’t feeling the cold doesn’t mean you’re not exposed! Wrap up in layers that you can easily remove if you need to to make sure you keep warm and protected.

A new-season favourite of mine comes from Nike (surprise!) in the form of their new wool collection. I know, running and wool, who’d have thunk it. However, this Nike Wool half-zip top comes in four gorgeous colours and keeps you warm without stifling you – the wool is breathable and also wicking, keeping you dry as well as toasty. Genius!

Nike Dri-Fit Wool Half Zip Running Top - Courtesy of Nike Running UK

This snuggly delight also features hand warmers and thumb holes to keep your hands tucked away from frostbite, and has a secure zip pocket on the hip to keep keys and a handy mobile in. This is the sky blue colour, which I think ticks the visibility box too! Pretty Fit if I ever saw it. It’s £50 from Nike.

It’s also important to keep those legs wrapped up! I love Nike Pro Compression legging, because they’re soft and fleece-y on the inside and soo snuggly (I’ve been know to wear mine on a casual basis). However, for pure cool factor I’d recommend these bad boys;

Snakeskin Print Three-Quarter Tights - Adidas by Stella McCartney Courtesy of Adidas UK

Snakeskin is THE print of the season, and thanks to Stella McCartney for Adidas you can even rock it out on a run. As I’m writing I am wearing a pair of snakeskin skinny jeans and debating whether £60 for these bad boys is a worthwhile investment. 99% sure it is.

Hope you all keep wrapped up and stay safe over the coming months!

PrettyFit xxxx